VMTurbo 5.2 as SaaS deployment through AWS


VMTurbo Operations Manager 5.2 is now available as Software as a Service deployment through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The deployment in the data center takes less than three minutes and you can then start adding targets and getting actions to bring your data center to its desired state.

This allows the administrators to control the on-premises environments using VMTurbo in the cloud.


Get started

To get started go to the AWS Marketplace, search for VMTurbo and click Continue.


Enter your credentials to login AWS.


On the next page click Accept Terms & Launch with 1 Click.


To establish the connection between AWS and the data center to control, make sure you have a Virtual Private Connection (VPC) and a subnet set up.

When the AMI EC2 instance is running and passed status check launch Operations Manager by opening a browser and typing the address:

http://<Public_IP or DNS >

Default credentials to access Operations Manager are the following:

User Name: administrator
Password:   instance ID

Default login can be changed under the Amin tab.


Connect VMTurbo to AWS

In order to connect VMTurbo to AWS add the credentials of your AWS user to the VMTurbo target configuration panel. You need the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for the user.


Create the keys

Navigate to aws.amazon.com/iam and select Manage Users.


Click Create New Users button.


Enter User Name and enable the Generate an access key for each user option.



The Access Key Id and Secret Access Key for the user have been created.



Setup VMTurbo

Login to the VMTurbo instance and navigate to Admin > Target Configuration.


Click Add.


Select AWS option and type the keys previously created. Click save to store the configuration.


Click Rediscover.


Once in Operations Manager you can start adding hypervisor or cloud management targets.


VMTurbo is offering the initial version of SaaS delivery free of charge.