Nakivo Backup & Replication 6.2 released


Nakivo released Backup & Replication 6.2 offering some new exciting features mainly focused on improved Amazon Web Services (AWS) integration.

Backup of AWS EC2 istances and improved notifications and alarms are the new added features that make this new release very interesting.


What's new

Support for AWS EC2 instances sold through AWS Marketplace

The new release now provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to backup paid AWS EC2 instances, sold through AWS Marketplace.



Automated Transporter deployment in AWS Cloud

To back up EC2 instances in an AWS region you need to deploy a Transporter in that region. During backup job creation, Nakivo will now suggest and automatically deploy a new Transporter, if it’s not available in a particular region. AWS EC2 instances can be backed up to the same AWS region, a different AWS region, or to an on-premises location.

By default, AWS EC2 backups are application-aware and contain consistent data of Windows-based and Linux-based EC2 instances.



Automated Transporter Instance start and shutdown in AWS

Transporter instances in AWS can be automatically powered off if there are no tasks for them. Once a task is available for a particular AWS Transporter, new version will power it on for the duration of the task.

This solution allow to save costs.



Improved display of alarms and notifications

Job and group dashboards now aggregate alarms and notifications in the Info widget for a cleaner and a more consistent look.




Nakivo is licensed per physical CPU socket for each server on which you backup or replicate VMs. You do not need to license target servers for your replicas or servers on which you want to recover backed up VMs.

Check out Nakivo’s pricing webpage for additional details.


Upgrade VA to version 6.2

When a new update is available, in the top right corner of Nakivo web console a Product update available button is displayed to download the latest Linux/VA updater. Click Download to get the updater file. A detailed upgrade procedure can be found here.


Once the download has completed, stop running jobs or repository maintenance tasks and copy the updater file to the /opt/nakivo/updates folder on the VA using a tool like WinSCP. Select Binary from the Transfer settings drop-down menu and click Copy to transfer the file.


The file is being copied into the VA.


Access the Nakivo console, select Software update option and press Enter.


Press Enter to start the upgrade process.


The system is being updated.


When the update process has completed successfully, access Nakivo web console.


Nakivo Backup & Replication has been updated to version 6.2.


Check out the press release to discover all details about version 6.2.