StarWind Storage Appliance (SA)


StarWind Storage Appliance (SA) is a storage hardware solution that can be integrated in any architecture or virtual environment.

Where storage requirements start growing or the storage is suffering from the performance, an hyperconverged infrastructure becomes expensive to manage in terms of software and hypervisor licensing.

Taking benefit of performance-related features of StarWind Virtual SAN, the StarWind SA improves the performance and extend the capacity of the infrastructure by lowering hardware and software expenses.

StarWind SA is a storage ready solution that can be integrated to any existing infrastructure and provides storage to multiple platforms including some virtual environments. SA comes with pre-installed external backup, antivirus, and ProActive support.


Supported protocols

StarWind Storage Appliance supports the following protocols:

  • iSCSI
  • SMB3
  • NFS
  • RDMA-capable SMB Direct, iSER and NVMe over Fabrics

The appliance also supports the Ethernet fabrics including 1, 10, 25/40/50/100 GbE.


StarWind Storage Appliance use case

In a typical hyperconverged infrastructure where the storage scalability strongly depends on available bays on the node to accommodate the capacitive hard disks, becomes hard to extend the storage space unless a new node is added to the cluster. It is obvious that adding a new node only for few gigabytes is not a cost-effective solution, the cost of both hardware and the license can be an issue if there some budget constraints.

In addition, hyperconverged infrastructures may not be the ideal solution if analytics, databases, and business intelligence are the applications used in the business due to the high demanding performance. Here is where the StarWind Storage Appliance comes into play (pictures from StarWind).


Instead of adding a new node that provides both compute and storage resources, the StarWind Storage Appliance can be used to add extra storage space to the infrastructure improving the storage performance and keeping the costs within budget.

Available in different models, the SA provides flexibility and can be installed in the existing infrastructure as high performance storage tier or as secondary storage tier.



Storage array models

Currently StarWind made available the following StarWind SA models:

  • SA-1H - good for small and medium volumes, the SA-1H model is a hybrid storage with a capacity from 4 TB up to 44 TB. The dual storage controllers ensure HA and the typical use is indicated for secondary data and virtualization storage. Good as primary backup storage where low RPO and RTO are required.


  • SA-2H - good for small to large volumes, this dual chassis model is a hybrid storage with a capacity from 4 TB to 500 TB and even more. With high performance and a low latency, the typical use is indicated for primary virtualization, media storage, and small database storage.
  • SA-2AF - this all-flash storage model is good for small to large volumes and provides a capacity from 4 TB to 500 TB and even more. Due to its high performance across entire storage capacity, this dual chassis array is the appropriate solution for most demanding applications. Databases, Big Data and primary virtualization storage are the typical use case.


Where the storage demanding becomes critical, the StarWind SA is a valid solution to expand your existing storage infrastructure optimizing costs and improving the performance.
For additional info or pricing about StarWind Storage Appliance, fill the form available at StarWind website.


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