StarWind VTL Appliance


StarWind VTL Appliance is the hardware versions of VTL solution designed by StarWind to eliminate the need of physical tapes by replacing them with flexible multi-cloud and object storage tiering.

Storing data on virtual tapes that can be spread in multiple locations provides an efficient solution against ransomware since data can be replicated to cloud storage such as AWS, Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze, maximizing cost-efficiency and security.


StarWind VTL Appliance features

Taking advantage of VTL Appliance, data can be saved to the preferred cloud storage optimizing costs especially for long term data retention.


Automated LTO P2V Conversion - physical tapes can be easily converted to virtual tapes without shipping tapes anywhere. Migrating LTO archives to StarWind VTL Appliance, existing barcodes and archive structures are preserved then the backup application can access the data in the same way.

Object Storage Support - the VTL appliance supports any industry-standard object storage arrays simplyfing the operations required to expand the local storage pools.

Cloud Storage Support - on-premises storage pools can be extended to Azure, AWS or other public cloud storage services. No extra hardware is required to scale up storage capacity and cost-effective solution for long term data archival.

Fiber Channel Support - Virtual Tape Library provides FC support capability simplifying the backup process for mainframe moving away from tape in favor of FC storage or cloud storage solutions.


Cloud storage

StarWind VTL Appliance allows the organizations to expand their on-premises backup infrastructures to the cloud taking advantage of cloud copies, scale up, and cost optimization.


  • Multi-cloud - leveraging Veeam capabilities, the backup infrastructure functionality can be expanded with StarWind VTL allowing data replication between different cloud solutions to optimize costs.
  • Tiered AWS S3 & Glacier - Veeam users can extend the existing backup infrastructure with StarWind VTL for AWS complying with the 3-2-1 backup rule.
  • Backblaze B2 Backup Storage - acting as storage Gateway for Backblaze, VTL allows to automate the backup infrastructure LTO flows by storing data to Backblaze Cloud Storage.
  • Wasabi Backup Storage - for data backup, archival, and DR purposes, data can be stored on Wasabi by extending your on-premises storage infrastructure. Backup solutions such as Veeam or Nakivo can be easily configured to take advantage of this capability.
  • Data Protection with Cloudian - leveraging Cloudian services, physical LTOs can be replaced by a secondary backup and archive storage solutions without altering the existing tape backup process.
  • Azure Archive Blob - Veeam users can use StarWind VTL to store data in Azure Archive blob optimizing archival costs.


Available models

StarWind VTL Appliance comes in 3 models with various capacity requirements:

  • Up to 0.64 PB of effective local capacity (capacity can be expanded by using cloud and object storage).
  • Support for physical tape drives and libraries through SAS/SCSI/FC.
  • Support for data deduplication and compression.



Supported backup solutions

Several backup products are supported by StarWind VTL Appliance.


Check out these how-to guides to configure StarWind VTL for the following products:

To see StarWind VTL Appliance in action, you can schedule a live demo at StarWind website.