Trilead VM Explorer 6.0 setup - pt.2


To keep your virtual infrastructure safe, Trilead VM Explorer 6.0 must be configured to guarantee the highest level of protection to the installed virtual machines.

The setup of the vCenter Server, ESXi hosts and storage specifies the parameters needed by VM Explorer to perform backup, replica and restore jobs.


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Setup the virtual environment

Access Trilead VM Explorer Web Console by entering in the browser the correct credentials and click Login.


In the main screen, click Add a new Server button to start the configuration.


In the example, a VMware infrastructure is configured in VM Explorer. Under VMware section, click on vCenter button.


The configuration wizard starts asking for vCenter parameters. In Name & Location tab type the Display Name and click Next.


In Connection Settings tab enter the Hostname and the credentials of the account used to connect the server. Click Next to continue.


In Port Settings tab leave default HTTPS Port and click Next.


A Test Connection is performed automatically by the system and click Next when completed successfully.


In the Summary tab click Save to store the configuration.



Configure ESXi hosts

The configured vCenter Server displays the connected ESXi hosts that have to be configured as well. Right click the first ESXi host and select Edit Server option.


Type the host's Display Name then click Next.


In Connection Settings tab enter the Hostname (FQDN or IP Address) and the account used to connect the host. Click Next to continue.


Leave default values in Port Settings tab then click Next.


Depending on the vSphere release installed in the network (in the example vSphere 6.0 is used), enable the SSH and VMX agent accordingly.


In Advanced Settings you configure the options used by the backup process like the CBT technology used for incremental backup. First time you enable Use VD Service option, the VD Service must be initialized. Click Install/Initialize VD Service to proceed.


Download from VMware website the VDDK 5.5.3 package required by the service. Click Browse button to select the downloaded file then click Initialize VD Service.


The package is being installed and initialized.


When VDDK is successfully initialized, click Close.


Now click OK to close the VD Service initialization window and click Next to continue.


The Test Connection is automatically performed by the system to check the configured parameters. Click Next to continue.


Click on Browse button to specify the storage used by the selected server as a target for backup.


Storages attached to the selected host are displayed. Select or create the directory to store the backup then click OK.


Next to the storage selected, add the suffix {VM} to group the backup per VMs' display name. Click Next to continue.


In the Summary tab click Save to store the configuration.


Repeat same steps for all the other hosts of your virtual environment.


When the ESXi hosts have been configured, VM Explorer is fully configured to perform the assigned tasks.


Part 3 will cover the configuration of the backup and backup copy features available in Triled VM Explorer 6.0.