Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.7 what's new


Vinchin released the new Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.7 that provides new database platforms support and some enhancements.

The new version now supports the protection for PostgreSQL and Oracle 21c databases extending the set of supported DB platforms.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.7 what's new


Database support

Extended the supported DB platforms:

  • PostgreSQL - version 12/13/14 of PostgreSQL instances can be protected on both physical server and virtual machines with application-aware processing (hot backup) to keep the database consistent. DB backups can be restored to any folder and the storage consumption can be reduced with the new archivelog file management feature.
  • Oracle 21c - multi-threaded transmission, archivelog backup, and rollback transaction restore are the supported advanced features and everything can be easily managed by a wizard-driven web console.



  • GFS retention policy - it is now possible to maintain backups for weeks, months, or years for long-term data retention.
  • Improved license page.
  • Added statistics report for OpenStack project backups.


Upgrade Vinchin

First you need to download the upgrade package from Vinchin website. The upgrade process requires to restart the service then make sure that no jobs are running before upgrading.

Before proceeding, make sure you are running version or


Access the Vinchin Backup & Recover dashboard and go to System > System Settings area and click Upgrade option.


Click Upload package button.


Click Select Package option to select the just downloaded package.


Click Upload.


The upgrade package is being uploaded.


When the package has been uploaded, select the package and click Upgrade Now button.


Select the backup node to upgrade and click OK to proceed.


The upgrade is being installed to the system.


When the upgrade process has been completed successfully, click Close to close the window.


You are automatically logged out.


Vinchin Backup & Recover has been upgraded to version 6.7.0.


Vinchin Backup & Recover v6.7 is available to download as 60-day trial.


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