VMware Client Integration Plugin no longer working


Chrome 45 has been released on 1st September taking NPAPI completely out from the browser disabling the VMware Client Integration Plugin functionality in vSphere Web Client.

The plugin is no longer working also using other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer.

As result, in Chrome the Use Windows session authentication option is not working anymore and you have to login by manually entering the credentials.


Unfortunately the login process is not the only feature that has been affected. Also the deployment of an OVF template is not working since the plugin is a required component.


Trying the access using Firefox 40 you receive an error related to an untrusted connection.


Same situation with Internet Explorer.


Reinstalling the VMware plugin doesn't fix this matter and a different solution must be found.



Opera browser

Trying to find a working solution, I found out Opera at the moment is the only browser that still works with VMware Client Integration Plugin. Normally I don't use this browser but I had to install the browser on my computers to manage vSphere.

From Opera website, download and run the installer.


When the installation has completed, type in the browser the vCenter Server address. The Use Windows session authentication feature is available to login. Enable the option and click Login to access vSphere Web Client.


Browser may ask to update Flash Player. Click Update Flash to proceed.


Using Opera, the vSphere Web Client is fully working.


Also the deployment of OVF packages works perfectly.


I think time has come for VMware to quickly implement a new web client maybe HTML based to avoid all these problems.



Source virtuallyGhetto.com

A new version of CIP package has been released to restore the plugin functionality that no longer relies on NPAPI. The fix works for both vSphere 6.0 and vSphere 6.0 Update 1.

Download the Client Integration Plugin from VMware website.



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