VMware DEM configure default applications


In a VDI environment, you can use the VMware DEM tool to customize and configure default applications used to open specific files or services.

VMware DEM is a software application used to configure the user experience in a VDI environment such as VMware Horizon.


Configure DEM default applications

To configure default applications, you must open the DEM Management Console and access the Personalization area. Click Create Config File.


Select Use a Windows Common Settings option and click Next.


Select Default applications - File type association and protocols and click Next.


Enter a File name and click Finish.


The Default Apps config file has been created.


This article has been written for StarWind blog and can be found in this page. It covers the full procedure to configure default applications in DEM.


Test the default application

When you login to the virtual desktop, Google Chrome is now the default browser used to open Internet links.


With VMware DEM tool you can customize the user experience while working with the VMware Horizon infrastructure optmizing time and effort required to change the configuration.

Read the full article on StarWind blog.


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