VMware Horizon 6 - part 6 setup RDS Desktops


In VMware Horizon 6 an RDS Desktop Pool is based on a session to an RDS host that allow users to remotely access a desktop and applications. RDS Desktops support both RDP and PCoIP display protocols.

To proceed with this configuration is necessary to have an RDS Host up and running as explained in part 3 of this series.

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Deploy an RDS Desktop Pool

Access the VMware Horizon View Administrator and navigate to Catalog > Desktop Pools. Click on Add button to create a new Desktop Pool.


Select RDS Desktop Pool type then click Next.


Give an ID and Display name. Click Next to continue.


Leave default and click Next.


Tick Select an RDS farm for this desktop pool option and select the Farm ID created during the RDS Host setup.


Click Finish to add the Desktop Pool.


The new Desktop Pool is now listed.


The RDSH Desktop Pool has been successfully deployed. Next part will cover the RDS Application Pools deployment.