VMware Horizon 7.12: connect to virtual desktop - pt.6


When the Horizon infrastructure is up and running, you connect to virtual desktop via HTML (it requires the Blast protocol) or through the Horizon Client.

Regardless if created machines are Linked Clones or Instant Clones, the access to desktops works in much the same way.


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Connect to virtual desktop

When the Horizon infrastructure is running and the appropriated pools are enabled, created virtual desktops can be accessed in two different ways:


Connect to desktop through the browser

If the Blast protocol has been configured in the pool and the HTML access enabled, the created virtual machine can be accessed using the preferred browser.

Open your favorite browser ed enter the address https://<DNS_Horizon_Server>/portal.


When the connection is established with your Horizon infrastructure, select the VMware Horizon HTML Access option to connect to your desktop pool.


Enter the credentials of an entitled user and click Login.


Click on the appropriated icon to access the available virtual desktop (Instant Clone in the example).


The credentials are automatically passed to the client for the authentication allowing the access to the Windows machine.


The access to the virtual desktop was successfull established.



Access the desktop with Horizon Client

The connection to virtual desktops without using any browser is very similar to HTML access but it requires the installation of the Horizon Client. Download the Horizon Client and run the installer.

Click Customize Installation to configure available options or click Agree & Install to proceed with standard configuration instead.


The custom installation allows you to configure the connection options. Click Agree & Install to proceed with the installation.


The software is being installed.


When the installation has been completed, click Finish.


Click Restart Now to complete the installation.


After installing the Horizon Client, click New Server to specify the Connection Server to connect with.


Enter the DNS name of the Connection Server and click Connect.


The client tries to establish the connection with the Connection Server. Click Continue if you receive the warning about the certificate.


When the connection has been established, you are prompted to enter the credentials for the entitled user. Click Login to connect.


Any desktops or applications that have been assigned to the user will appear and the user can be selected the one to work in. Double click the desired desktop pool icon to connect.


The selected desktop is being loaded.


The access to the virtual desktop has been successfull established.


The Horizon infrastructure setup is now complete and you can start using your virtual desktops using the Instant Clones or Linked Clones technology.