Nakivo Backup & Replication 8.5 Beta


Nakivo announced the availability of Nakivo Backup & Replication 8.5 Beta introducing the support for Nutanix AHV and the mini backup appliance based on Raspberry Pi.

After the features introduced in previous release 8.1, such as Policy-Based Data Protection and Universal Object Recovery, Nakivo extended the offer with a new set of interesting capabilities.



What's new in Nakivo Backup & Replication 8.5 Beta

The new 8.5 version provides new features enhancing the global product capabilities.


Nutanix AHV support

Supported platforms now include Nutanix AHV that allow to perform incremental, application-aware backup of either full Nutanix VMs or of separate disks. High performance of Nutanix backups are ensured with Network Acceleration and LAN-free data transfer capabilities. Currently Nutanix environment is supported only by few backup solutions, one of those is Nakivo.

The Nutanix cluster setup takes place in the Configuration > Inventory section.



Replication From Backup

Nakivo is now able to replicate VMs directly from backups decreasing the resources required to perform a standard replication since no additional snapshots are created in the production VM. To complete automatically a replication from the backup, the replication job is configured using the backup as source.



Ransomware-proof mini backup appliance based on Raspberry Pi

Nakivo can now be installed on the Raspberry Pi in order to have a portable and ransomware-proof backup appliance using a cost-effective device.



Software-defined backup appliance based on FreeNAS

Any computer or server running FreeNas OS can now be used as Nakivo's backup appliance to store backups in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You can now re-use your old hardware as NAS backup repository reducing the expenses for new storage resources.

Nakivo already provides NAS support for some well known devices such as QNAP, Synology, Asustor, Western Digital, and Netgear.



Windows Server 2019 support

Nakivo Backup & Replication v8.5 Beta can now be safely installed also on Microsoft Windows Server 2019.



Automated update

The update process has been simplified and now you can update the software in few clicks directly from the web interface.


The official release date of new version 8.5 hasn't been revealed yet but the software is expected to be released within end of April, first week of May.

Nakivo Backup & Replication v8.5 Beta is available to download at Nakivo's website.