Altaro VM Backup 8.13 what's new


Altaro released the new VM Backup 8.13 providing some new features such as multiple offsite backup copies (previously limited to two) and cloud backups to Azure, Amazon and Wasabi.

This software backup solution for VMware and Hyper-V platforms made an important step in the development with the introduction of backup to object storage support since it is currently one of the most requested features for a backup solutions.


What's new in Altaro VM Backup 8.13

Main features introduced in version 8.13 are the following:


Multiple offsite backup copies

This feature was already introduced in previous version but it was limited to two offsite locations for a total of four available copies (source + primary backup + two offsite copies). The new version provides the capability to take copies of VMs to multiple offsite locations (remote storage, Amazon and Wasabi for example) rather than just one. This allows the administrators to increase data resilience in case of a disaster.


This feature is available with the Unlimited and Unlimited Plus editions.


Cloud backup to Azure, Amazon and Wasabi

So far backup to cloud storage was possible natively only to Microsoft Azure. With version 8.13 is now available a native integration to store backups also to Amazon S3 and Wasabi. You just need to create the Bucket and configure Altaro VM Backup.



Configure Wasabi as cloud backup storage

Wasabi cloud storage is a valid object storage option to store your backups in the cloud because is fast (6 times more than AWS) and cost effective. Only the consumed storage is paid regardless the data you upload or download.

Before proceeding you need to create a Bucket in Wasabi.

From Altaro main dashboard, select Target Backup section and click Add Offsite Location.


Select the cloud provider to use (Wasabi in this example) then click Next.


Enter the credentials then click Test Connection to check the connection to the provider. If the connection is successfull, click Finish to save the configured Wasabi Cloud Backup provider.


Wasabi offsite location is now configured.



WAN-Optimized Replication

Introduced in Altaro VM Backup 8, WAN-Optimized Replication feature allows the administrators to quickly replicate production VMs to a remote site in order to perform a failover in case the production site fails.

This functionality reduces dramatically the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) allowing to restore the VM functionality with a minimum downtime.


This capability is available in the Unlimited Plus edition of the product.


Support for Windows Server 2019

Altaro now supports Windows Server 2019.


Altaro VM Backup 8.13 is available to download as 30-day free trial.