Nakivo v10.8 new release overview


Nakivo released its new Backup and Replication solution Nakivo v10.8 that provides support for vSphere 8.0, S3-Compatible Storage and additional new interesting features.

Several improvements have been introduced in this new version, proving that the Nakivo backup solution is always under development to meet the ever-growing needs of modern backup strategies.


Nakivo v10.8 what's new

When you login the Nakivo console after the upgrade, you will see the following message.


Select your choice and click Apply.


Full vSphere 8 support

Nakivo v10.8 now fully support latest VMware vSphere 8 providing backup and recovery capabilities for running workloads. All available features provided by Nakivo Backup & Replication can be  used to protect your workloads implementing the most efficient backup strategy for your infrastructure.

If your organization planned the upgrade to the latest vSphere version, Nakivo now fully supports the new environment.



S3-compatible storage support

To extend the supported storage types, backups and backup copies can now be sent to local S3-compatible storage devices.

This new feature allows the administrators to leverage the Immutability capability provided by object storage devices protecting the backup from ransomware and accidental deletions.

Taking benefit of S3-compatible object storage feature, you can now use additional storage devices in addition to Amazon S3, Wasabi, Azure Blob Storage and Backblaze B2 cloud solutions to backup data to cost-effective scalable storage devices without the hassle of subscribing expensive support storage contracts or handling complex storage devices on-prem.



New Graphic Interface

In Nakivo v10.8 the GUI has been improved with a new look making the management easier for a better user experience.



MSP Console

Version 10.8 provides a new MSP dashboard to manage and monitor both remote and local tenants from a single pane of glass.



Job Priority

You can set the priority level for critical backup jobs to be processed first. Mission critical workloads can now be better controlled to ensure the highest data protection level.

By default Backup Jobs are configured with priority level 5 (lowest) whilst levels 1-5  can be assigned to specific Jobs to determine the processing priority.

In the Job configuration, specify the priority level from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest, default) with which the backup should be processed.



Improved retention

Version 10.8 provides an enhanced backup retention setup with a new wizard. It's now possible to specify retention settings for each schedule and set expiration dates for recovery points.



Merge Jobs

You can now merge different backup jobs belonging to the same platform into a single backup job to keep protection activities well organized and simple.



Direct Recovery to Tape

With Nakivo v10.8 full VMs and EC2 instances can be recovered directly to your infrastructure from backups stored on tape media without staging repository requirements.


Persistent Agent

The agent used during OS quiescing and file-level recovery can now be permanently injected to a VM or EC2 instance allowing the operation without requiring the VM guest OS credentials.



Try all features for 15 days

Regardless of the Nakivo edition in use, with Nakivo v10.8 you can now try the Enterprise Plus edition for 15 days at no additional cost. When you access the Nakivo console, the following message will be displayed. Click Start Free Trial to test all available features.


Additional info can be found in the Release Notes. Nakivo Backup & Replication v10.8 is available to download as 30-day trial.


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