RecoverPoint v5.3: "All of your vRPA clusters are unauthorized" error


Accessing the RecoverPoint v5.3 dashboard in the vCenter Server, you may face the error "All of your vRPA clusters are unauthorized".

Although RecoverPoint is still running, no replication details are available in the dashboard and the replication status is unknown.


Fix "All of your vRPA clusters are unauthorized" error

Next to the error message you can notice the Update Credentials button. Click Update Credentials.


The message is self explanatory. You need to access this URL to fix the issue. Click Copy.


Using a supported browser, paste the previously copied URL in the address bar and enter the correct credentials to access the RecoverPoint Cluster Management. Click Login.


As you can recognize the HTML Plugin Server is not displayed in the window. Click Configure plugin server.


Enter the HTML Plugin Server IP address and click Validate Certificate.


After validating the certificate, click Configure. After few seconds the procedure completes successfully.


In the RecoverPoint Cluster Management the HTML Plugin Server is now displayed again.


From the vCenter Server, also the RecoverPoint dashboard now displays all details again.


The "All of your vRPA clusters are unauthorized" error has been fixed successfully.


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