Runecast Analyzer 3.0 released


Runecast released Runecast Analyzer 3.0, a major version that provides HCL analysis of both vSphere and vSAN environments to avoid possible compatibility issues during the infrastructure upgrade.

Runecast made another important step in the analyzer software development adding interesting features that prevents issues and ensure a successfull upgrade with no headaches.


What's new in Runecast Analyzer 3.0

The new version provides the following enhancements:


ESXi and vSAN HCL checks

ESXi Upgrade Simulation feature is now GA and no longer in beta.


Version 3.0 provides now the capability to perform vSAN HCL checks along with ESXi HCL checks.



Log analysis improved

This feature is now able to provides audit logs for all user actions, which can be forwarded externally.



New web client plug-in

Runecast Analyzer 3.0 comes with a new and improved vSphere Web Client plugin-in with new widgets that support dark theme.



Customized PCI-DSS checks

New release allows to edit PCI-DSS security checks to customize some criteria such as password requirements or timeout to be compliant with corporate security regulations.



Configure Log Analysis

To take benefit of Log Analysis features, your environment must be configured accordingly. From the Runecast Analyzer 's dashboard, click on Settings icon and select Log Analysis tab. Click on Configure syslog settings icon.


Select ESXi hosts you want to configure then click Configure.


Click OK to confirm changes.


Selected ESXi hosts have been configured sucessfully.

runecast 1

Same configuration can be applied to virtual machines as well.


Runecast Analyzer is a valid option as proactive monitoring solution and it should be included in the list during the software selection process. In addition, the new HCL checks feature ensures a safe and straightforward upgrade of the infrastructure with no bad surprises.


Update 27/08/2019

Runecast released version with the support for vSphere 6.7 Update 3.


Runecast Analyzer 3.0 can be downloaded as free 14-day trial for testing purposes.