Veeam Availability Suite 8 Update 2 released


Veeam Availability Suite 8 Update 2 has been released providing full support for VMware vSphere 6.

The update is available for Veeam Backup & Replication 8 and Veeam ONE 8 products.


Veeam Backup & Replication 8

Features introduced with Update 2 to support vSphere 6:

  • VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) and Virtual SAN (VSAN) 2.0 support
  • Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) policy backup and restore
  • vSphere 6 tags integration
  • Quick Migration to VVol databases
  • Cross-vCenter vMotion awareness
  • Hot add transport for SATA virtual disks

To safely install the update make sure you are running version,,, or


Prior installing this update please reboot the Veeam server to clear any locks on the Veeam services and when the reboot is done, stop all the Veeam services and apply the update.




Download the Veeam Backup & Replication 8.0 Update 2 from Veeam website and run the installer. Click Next to start the Wizard.


Click Install to apply the update.


The update is being applied.


When the installation has completed, click Finish to exit the Wizard.


When product starts, update the product's components by clicking Next button.


Components have been updated.


After installing the Update 2 the version number will be


Additional information can be found in the Release Notes.


Veeam ONE 8

Update 2 is also available for Veeam ONE introducing the support to monitor everything in vSphere 6.


  • Monitor
  • Reporting Engine
  • Business View
  • Veeam Backup & Replication Integration

The update should be applied to remote systems with the Veeam ONE Monitor Client, as well as the Veeam ONE server. Before you apply the update, make sure you have a full backup of Veeam ONE database.

Check out the Release Notes for additional info.