vRealize Operations Manager shutdown order


If you need to shutdown or startup vRealize Operations Manager cluster, you need to follow the correct shutdown order to avoid negative effects on the cluster.

The correct way to take the entire cluster offline or online is performed through the GUI by clicking Take Offline or Bring Online under Cluster Status. If you are not able to finalize the procedure from the GUI, you need to follow a specific order to shutdown and startup vRealize Operations Manager components.

To shutdown the vROPS cluster from the GUI, open your preferred browser and enter the address https://<vrops_ip>/admin and login using the admin credentials. In the Cluster Status section click Take Cluster Offline.



vROPS shutdown order

To take the Nodes Offline, from the vCenter you have to perform a shutdown Guest OS action for the involved VMs.


vRealize Operations Manager nodes should be taken offline in the following order:

  1. Remote collector node(s)
  2. Data node(s)
  3. Primary replica node (if applicable)
  4. Primary node


vROPS startup order

To take the Nodes Online, from the vCenter Power On the vRealize Operations Manager VMs in the following order:

  1. Primary node
  2. Primary replica node (if applicable)
  3. Data node(s)
  4. Remote collector node(s)

Following the correct shutdown and startup order, the vRealize Operations Manager cluster maintain the correct functionality and efficiency.